Episode 28

Published on:

5th Jul 2023

Mindful Medium

Ali and Olivia talk about what it is to be a Medium and Olivia’s journey in discovering her gifting.

About the Guest:

Olivia Repnicki is a gifted and intuitive energy healer, Reiki master, psychic medium, and crystal jewelry designer. Since a very young age, she has demonstrated a natural inclination towards these extraordinary abilities and has diligently honed her skills through training and mentorship from some of the most respected professionals in the industry.

 As a psychic medium, Olivia serves as a bridge between realms, connecting individuals with their loved ones who have crossed over. Through her profound mediumship abilities, she offers comfort, healing, and guidance to those seeking a deeper connection with the spiritual realm. With her psychic powers, Olivia also provides intuitive insights and conducts psychic readings, empowering individuals with clarity, guidance, and foresight. Whether it involves uncovering hidden opportunities, navigating life's challenges, or gaining a deeper understanding of relationships, Olivia's psychic readings provide valuable perspectives and illuminate paths forward. In addition to psychic readings, Olivia specializes in past life readings. By tapping into the realm of past lives, she helps individuals explore their past experiences, uncover karmic patterns, and gain insights into their current life lessons and soul's journey.

Through mediumship, psychic abilities, and past life readings, Olivia brings transformative experiences to her clients by offering healing, validation, and personal growth. Her empathetic nature and compassionate approach create a safe and nurturing environment for exploring one’s spiritual self and gaining profound life understanding. In addition to her remarkable psychic and mediumship skills, Olivia is also an intuitive energy healer and Reiki master. She incorporates her empathic abilities and expertise into energy sessions to facilitate deep healing experiences. Olivia's harmonious blend of energy healing, psychic insights, and mediumship provides a holistic approach to spiritual growth and well-being. Moreover, Olivia is a passionate teacher who guides her students through the transformative power of energy healing and crystals. Her extensive knowledge and intuitive insights empower her students to tap into their own healing abilities and navigate their spiritual journeys with confidence and clarity.

As a number one best-selling author, Olivia shares profound insights and wisdom with a wide audience. Through her writings, she inspires and empowers others on their spiritual journeys, encouraging them to embrace their innate gifts and discover the healing potential within themselves. Furthermore, Olivia designs exquisite crystal jewelry pieces infused with positive energy. Each piece is thoughtfully crafted to enhance spiritual well-being and promote energetic balance.

Driven by a genuine love for her work, Olivia believes in the transformative power of deep healing. As a sought-after practitioner, teacher, and medium, she offers compassionate support and transformative experiences to help individuals find solace, healing, and spiritual growth, whether they seek connection with departed loved ones, psychic insights, past life exploration, or energy healing."

Contact information Psychic Mediumship Psychic Reading Past Life Reading Energy Healing In-person sessions available by appointment only at Rustic Roots Health & Crystals on Tuesdays and Fridays #120 B 20018 83A Ave Langley 604-534-8274 Sessions also available via zoom or phone Book your complimentary 15 min consultation 604-351-1277


www.crystalobsessions.com https://www.facebook.com/crystalobsessionsbyolivia?mibextid=LQQJ4d


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No sleep. Let it sweep you off your feet.

Ali Perry-Davies:

Hi, you're listening to find your joy. If you're looking for ways to thrive rather than survive in a world that can seem rather chaotic, you're in the right place, we will be sharing stories of our own, as well as those from guests who have found ways to bring hope, healing and freedom into places where trauma has impacted them. I'm Ali, author of the art of healing trauma, and I'm here to remind you that life is sweet. Now, let's dive in and find ways to create our joy. Hi, this is Ali, and this is find your joy. And this is going to be such a fabulous time I have had the wonderful pleasure of having a reading by Olivia Olivia Repnicki. She is from Crystal obsessions by Olivia. She is a healer, a psychic medium, a best selling author. And some people like to call her the crystal whisperer. Yeah. Welcome, thank you so much for joining me today.

Olivia Repnicki:

Thank you for having me. Such a pleasure. I love you.

Ali Perry-Davies:

I love you too. I'm so excited. I was like, how are you? Not my first, second, third, fourth and fifth person on here? I just I know. It's it's I'm really grateful that we got to meet some time ago. And yeah. And then I got to see some of the beautiful things that you do in this world. And and I thought today if it's okay with you, if we could, I think that medium ship is a little bit misunderstood. And I thought what would be really nice is before we, before we delve into some experiences that people have had, and, and the great, incredible experiences that you've brought with people. Maybe you could explain a little bit about what mediumship is, and how you first found out that you even had this gift.

Olivia Repnicki:

Yeah, for sure. So basically, when I, well, where do I start?

Ali Perry-Davies:

I know what a loaded question, right? Like, oh, my goodness, that's all right. Just tell me everything about who you are.

Olivia Repnicki:

Okay, I'll try the short version. So pretty much I was born with my gifts. And I was born in Europe, we emigrated. My grandma was the one who was gifted and Unfortunately, she died shortly after. So there was nobody really to bring me into this world or of the guests of what do you feel her? Why do you feel it? Explain it to me the world wasn't open as it is right now. Right now. We are all so interested in the self healing and all of that. It's beautiful. I love it. So it was a hard time for me to be teenager to be a child. Growing up with all these gifts or feeling that somebody has cancer. Somebody's gonna die. I literally smell death. Yeah, it was just bizarre. Dancing. I danced a lot, because when I was dancing, I was vibing higher, and I feel as much right. So dancing must was my thing. Eventually, I started meeting people who gravitated towards me saying, you have these gifts? Do you need to use them? And of course we know I did not ask for them. This is a curse. I don't want to get away not great. I'm 18 years old. No, somebody's telling me. If you're not gonna use them, you're gonna reincarnate. I'm like, I'm gonna watch right at 18 years old, just like at No, you're delirious and walking away. And then eventually, they start getting stronger and stronger. And usually what happens with your life, something dramatic happens. And you get just, and they go, right. And they become larger. And it's, it's almost out of your you have no control over it. So what happened was the birth of my child, which was quite traumatic, I must say I was older. So I was 38 When I gave birth to her, and I was losing a lot of blood and all of this was happening. And then when she was about two years old, it started happening even more, I started feeling more and at certain point I said to myself, I remember just sitting up on a bed and I said, Okay universe, divine angels, whoever's around me, show me the way because I can't live like this anymore. Show me the way. And this is when the right people started to appearing in my life. It's almost like I opened up box and I opened that door and just started coming and coming and coming. So I chose three Keep because it felt it felt so anxious. He felt so pure that energy. He was just untouched. I mean, I know there are different types of Reiki and, and, and I'm not saying anything is wrong with it. I just liked it was so yeah, I like the original. So we went I went yeah,

Ali Perry-Davies:

absolutely absolutely not the watered down North American version. But yes, well because not the fad. The actual ancient rituals.

Olivia Repnicki:

Mm hmm Right, right it's just so different. Yeah so I literally started putting started working with crystals because crystals were always a big part of my life they always helped me since I was little I mean Ember when I was a child, and then Garnett and Tiger's eye, and everything makes sense. And then so many different ones. And I started making these different lines of bracelets, infusing them with that Reiki energy putting them in stores. And I remember one client who, who became my friend, I mean, I've been doing this for five years, she was my clients, she still is, I love her to death. And, and she said to me, like I have to meet you, she called me she's, I have to meet you. So she came to my house. And she said to me, she's like, You cannot hide behind those crystals, you have to put this energy into people. So here I was on my little spare room on my knees, on my futon in front of her giving her Reiki and she's like, Oh my god, this is something I've never felt before you need to start doing it. And this is how I started. It opened the door, right that people just kept pouring in. I started doing it full time. It was just word of mouth. And then I build a salon. And then you know, everything else followed. And and then once I was doing the Reiki, somebody told me, one of my mentors actually said to me, you are going to be a medium. And I said to her like, Ah, I am not going that route. I'm not talking to spirit. I am scared. And she's like, No, you will be. Yep. A year later, guess what I'm doing? Right? What happens is they started coming. And it was such a beautiful energy during this session. They just wanted to help. So literally the purchase people from the person that I was healing, they started coming, and just giving me a little beautiful little messages. And it felt so nice. To me. It didn't make sense. And in my mind, I was like, Oh my gosh, right, say that. Sounds so bizarre. I don't even know what this means is that my brain playing tricks on me? Is that the spirit talking? So then I decided to walk into mediumship I found somebody who literally started teaching me and saying, Okay, this is how you read the messages. This is how you build your relationship with the Spirit. Because you know, we all have to start somewhere. It's not like right away your excellent medium. Right? It took me a while to really step into it. And trust me, I was stepping away from it and stepping back stepping away from it. I believe that you were one of my first readings literally. And then after I believe I stepped away from it. Because I I don't know I kind of wanted a break. It was it was overwhelming for me. I didn't feel strong enough. And then all of a sudden, the universe shoves me out again. There comes this woman and I asked her, Would you like to keep my have my your my jewelry in your store? And she said, I want you as a psychic medium in my store? And I said to her I'm like, Ah, no, no. But there was no thing no to this one either. She's a beautiful woman, she owns rustic roots. And I actually do in person. psychic mediumship in there, Tuesdays and Fridays. And I know and it's just it became all of a sudden, it's like the universe tells you this is when you're ready. So with mediumship what to expect. I as the medium learned how to control because at the beginning, it wasn't as easy. I had everything coming in. And I mean, how do you control your spirits? I remember with your brother when we were trying to like he came to see me a night before he woke me up because he was so excited that he's gonna get to talk to you. And I remember first thing and not now I'm sleeping to morrow, I'll call you when it's time. Right? So I needed to learn because they were just all over. Right. So now I am ready for it. I am in my space. I am in my bed. I have my boundaries. And I called him up and I say okay, we want this spirit to come. I only want positive spirits. I don't want the darkness to come in here. Right So when they do come, they usually I don't want to know nothing, because I don't want my brain to work. So I don't want somebody telling me, or I want my brother to come and he died doing this or that and blah, blah, no, nothing, right? Because we're kind of a psychic, am I if I already know everything, and I'm just repeating what you told me, right? So basically, I call the spirit to come by see who comes, I tell you what they look like, sometimes they showed themselves to me when they were younger. So you really have to dig into it and see, okay, I know who that is their personality. And they show me something that's very particular just about them. So you would know who that is either their favorite color, maybe something about their face, like a big nose or funky glasses. And then they show me a memory that only the two of you would know. So then you know exactly what that is right? And then they give me the messages. And the messages are always something that you need to hear at this moment. And they are usually very positive, very beautiful, very uplifting, they can predict the future probably better than annual boss can. Because they see, they see beyond right? Sometimes we have trouble getting a soul. So what could that mean? That could mean we are coordinating reincarnation, that means the soul came back, that means the soul is not ready. But I've been pretty, actually lucky to be channeling souls that come even within few months of dying, which I know that a lot of psychic thing, no, we can do that. But it was happening to me. So I always say, You know what, let's try. If we can, we can, if not, I mean, there are probably other ones that that really want to communicate with you as well. And there's probably plenty of messages. And with psychic mediumship you can always do also psychic reading, to go with that, right to see if there are any questions that you might have. I mean, it's, it's, it's something really, really beautiful, I have a lot of souls that come just to apologize that just to say that they couldn't when they were alive. And and you know, the thing is that they're not saying this to make themselves feel better. Because they're already in the other world, right? But they are saying this, to make the ones that are left here, feel better. And saying, This is why I did this. This is why I was acting a certain way. And they show me everything is like a movie. So they show me like a movie. Right? So I have to literally sometimes tell you, Okay, this is what I see. Does that make sense to you? And if it doesn't, we need to start reading between the lines, right? Because it's not like, hey, Olivia, I want to talk to Jason there. Can you work that way? Right?

Ali Perry-Davies:

We see in part.

Olivia Repnicki:

Yeah, it's like my third eye, and I see everything through my third eye. And also, for psychic mediums that walk into it, you really need to learn how to protect yourself, you really need to know how to learn, you know, to see the psychic medium that has that energy that is positive. So you don't bring anything with you home. Right? So you do get positive messages. You can tell me okay, I don't want to hear this. I don't want to see this person. When somebody comes in. I always asked, Would you like me to get them further? To talk to them more? Or would you like me to send them away? Because maybe this is somebody they don't want to talk and sometimes I can feel the spirit kind of shy? Like he's very shy. And they come very slowly. So I know something's off. Right. So right now,

Ali Perry-Davies:

what do you say that would that be? Like there was maybe some unresolved issues in their relationship before? And you're allowing the person who was still with us? Yeah, the alive person or however we want to say that. They're to create their own boundaries, do you? That person wants to somehow let you know. But if you're not ready for that, yeah. Then you get the fight. Well, that's I that's interesting. I like that.

Olivia Repnicki:

Yeah, it's Yeah, because you never know. I mean, like I said, I don't allow darkness. I mean, I've had some murder cases where I've had really dark spirits. And then I can feel the darkness coming in right away. Say no, you're not allowed to go back. And then I will tell the person I'm sorry, I will not get the spirit and it's too dark for me. I do not I have my boundaries. I need to protect myself. I need to protect my surroundings. That's right. Right, because you don't know what's gonna happen, right? So you, it's not like you are playing with the unknown because you are always in control. You can't fear you are in control. Whoever is not next to me is protected. I am protected, my energy is protected. If, if I wasn't, I wouldn't be able to do this because the fear takes over and the fear the fear invite the darkness. Right.

Ali Perry-Davies:

Right. You know, I was thinking about this. So in my story is I've done a lot of things around psychic or intuitive or prophetic, whatever a person would want to call it. But something that was interesting to me when you said that about the fear part. The first time someone visited me after they passed was my Nana. And I and I never, I still don't call this mediums. I don't really know what it is when people have passed away and come and talk to me. I've never really called it anything except I can just say that. When my Nana passed away, I was when she went to go leave when they were taking her to the hospital. I was freaking out. I wanted to say goodbye. I think as I was 11 years old, I think I knew I wasn't going to see her again. And it was quite frantic. And then we were going to visit her in the hospital a few days later, but she passed away that night. And I was so upset. And I remember crying and crying. But in my sleep that night, she came and said goodbye to me. Now. It was so beautiful, right? Like she just she came and I and I, I just always took it as that I never thought of I never tried to understand it. I was a child, right. So I and I was always, you know, I'd had many visitations when I was a child. So I never really thought about that. And then I remember when I was well after my laughter after my brother passed away, he came in a voice only to me the next morning. And so I and when my dad came, uh, he came I saw him like saw him saw him. And I've never really thought I don't really know what I thought of that. What what is that? What would you call that? You're the expert, I'm gonna put you on the spot. I don't really know what that is. Because I don't feel like I go around. Always, it's always been kind of personal.

Olivia Repnicki:

Well, in order to in order to invite that world, the other worlds to come to see us, you need to believe in to believe because they need to use our energy to come that low. Right? So if I, if I have a skeptic in front of me, it's not going to work. Because your energy is blocking everything. Right? Just like with the healing. If I have something with my healings, I go deep, right? You don't need to tell me what needs to be healed. Nothing, I will pull that energy from you. I will go into your childhood trauma. And I will heal that little girl and I will see the moment this happen. And I will heal the little girl I will get you out of it. And I will. I will remove that from you. So you can move. You can move away from it. And you don't have to go in circles right in your life. Yes, so the same thing is with this. But if you don't believe this is not going to happen to you lead me to your healing your energy, your subconscious. You're telling me where to take the energy. It's not me. It's you.

Ali Perry-Davies:

Right? It's being sensitive energetically.

Olivia Repnicki:

Yeah. So you have to believe you have to believe so you're subconsciously invite them. Right to come and see you. Because if you didn't want to they wouldn't come if you wouldn't be ready. They wouldn't come. Why did your grandma come only when you're sleeping? Because she didn't want to scare you but yet she knew how upset you were. So she did it in a very gentle way.

Ali Perry-Davies:

Yes. Beautiful. Thank you for all that's really lovely. Thank you. That's that's um, that's a beautiful way to see I hadn't really ever thought of it. I was never afraid by any of these things. But like you said they came in that way. That's the way and I was thinking about the energy when you're talking about connecting energetically with people we were talking about this the other day my daughter and I like our dog will know when one of us is walking down like and I'm talking it's about probably a quarter mile I'm not I'm I'm old I still say miles you know in quite a distance well old enough that I that's my first my first way that I think of it. So You know, whatever that might be a kilometer or a little bit less than a kilometer away our dog unbeknownst to us that those people that our family is just walking down the road, our dog starts to get all fidgety, she goes to the gate, she gets excited. And sure enough, someone's coming. And we were talking about this and I thought it's not just dogs and cats and other animals eat humans, we have this ability. Yes, we do. But are we willing to explore our energies? Like Are we are we paying attention?

Olivia Repnicki:

And the thing is that now we're going into chakras and I am working on that class. Remember, I told you Oh, my God, I'm working on it. I do teach different classes as well. But that chakra I really because I've been working on chakras so many years. And there's, you know, there's so much in books, but yet it's different from experience when you actually work with it, right? Like, for example, if you come to my session, the first session, I'm going to touch on every single chakra, I'm gonna see what's happening is their energy flow, right? Like you said, so how do you feel energy, third eye, Crown Chakra. If I do mediumship session, I need my third eye. Because this is how I see. And I need my crown chakra to be open to receive all of that, when I get tired, my brain starts pulsating. And I have to stop the session. Right. So I usually don't do more than three, four spirits. If it's murder cases, and it's a little bit less, because it's darker, it's heavier, right? So, so in order to have all of this, and I'm going to tell you that if you want to do this yourself chakra Bible, honestly, it's the best book, the best book to have. You start with your root chakra. So you need to release everything that's happening with your root chakra, right? To have it not to open and not to quote, you just want it to have that energy flow. And then you go to the next to the next to the next until you get all of these. So you have that energy flow. So you, you are grounded, you feel the energy around you. So you're able to walk into a room and say, Okay, I'm not talking to you, because you're an energy vampire. Right. But imagine if you don't have that feeling, and you walk next to that energy vampire, and you talk to them for two hours, guess what happens to you after you're not protected, because you don't even feel that they are taking the energy away from you. Because they're not doing it on purpose. That's how they survive. That's who they are. Right? There's nothing wrong with that. But you are just an easy target. Because you are just opening you are so not in touch with yourself with your body with who you are. A lot of people have problems feeling. Who am I supposed to be in this world? What am I supposed to do? You know? And why don't you know this? You are so out of balance, one of your chakras could be totally blocked, right? There's no energy flow. What if there's some childhood trauma, which I usually feel childhood drama in your sacral? In the sacral? A lot of people have it in their sacral. And that's just draining your energy. And you can't you can't do nothing. Solar Plexus. That's your willpower. If your solar plexus is blocked. What can you do that thing? Right? You're gonna be scared of everything, right? You're not gonna be able to forward your heart's chakra. Imagine having a blocked, right? Let's say you get really hurt in life. And you're like, you know what? Screw that I'm blocking it. I don't want anything anymore. Yes. Everything that happened to you is just brewing inside of it, right? And then nothing good or bad is coming in, and nothing is leaving. Right? So what's gonna happen 10 years down the road, a heart attack. Something is gonna get I mean, there's all that stuff brewing in there needs to be released, right? So when I do when I do my sessions, my Reiki sessions, I call them energy healing because they use all of my gifts intertwined, right? I pretty much teach you all of this. I give you tools. So you can do this alone. I have emails with with staff that I email to each client because we are all so individual, right? Crystal oils, I will I work with all of that. And I and I teach each and every client about this because this is your healing process. This is your journey. You're going to be a completely different person at the end of this, right? But I always tell them, I can take you by the head walk into the light, but if you ain't walking, it's not gonna happen.

Ali Perry-Davies:

Right to encourage people to to open up and how to be able to receive and be curious and, and unafraid. As you were saying,

Olivia Repnicki:

ready, they have to be ready, you cannot make anybody you can have a friend that you know can benefit from it and oh my god, you need to still leave yet. Here's her number, I'll pay for your session, you go and see her. But when they're not ready, it's not going to happen, they will come because they're curious and you push them, but they're not going to follow up because they're not ready. You need to be ready with your heart. You need to be ready for this. And you know, like, I do this with passion. This I walked it, right. Like, to me, it's huge when I see difference with people, when I get these emails from people when I get these text messages saying Oh, my God who changed my life. I don't want to change the world. But I want to change your world. Yeah, that's huge. Right? That

Ali Perry-Davies:

is absolutely huge. And that is something that just ah, well, I am so excited. I can't wait for us to talk a little bit more. But I think what I'm going to do is I think, because we will definitely need to have a part two of this. Okay. There is there's because the glory that is you. There's so much that people can learn from you. And so I think for today, I'm going to say thank you so much. Thank you so much, Olivia. And we are, we will be continuing on. But for our listeners, this is going to be part two that will follow the next week.

Olivia Repnicki:

And we should do we should just ask people what they want to know maybe people have questions that we can discuss in the part two, right? That could be fun.

Ali Perry-Davies:

Well, it would be fun, except we're going to do it right now. So we'll have to we'll have to get that energetically somehow. Oh, so thank you so much, Olivia for being here today. I appreciate you so much. And I can't wait to see what we're going to do on on, open up and unload on the next bit. This is Ali. This is a find your joy. Thank you all so much for being here. And do all of Olivia's contacts are going to be in the show notes and you'll be able to get a hold of her. Thank you so much for being here. And until next time, find your joy

Ali Perry-Davies:

thanks so much for joining me today. If you found a piece of your joy in this episode, I would love to hear about what came up for you so that we can continue to grow the impact of this show. Thanks again. See you soon and remember find your joy Sweet.

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Find Your Joy
Alison Perry-Davies’s belief is that wherever we come from, we have all known some level of pain, loss and trauma, these things do not need to define us. She doesn’t ignore that these things have happened; however, she decided this is not the way her story ends. Using integrated creative therapies along with sound and vibrational therapies she continues to explore and share complimentary healing modalities.

In this podcast she shares her story as well as having many other people sharing their stories about ways that they have found their healing and their way to find joy. Some of the guests will include authors, artists, painters, singers, songwriters, musicians, doctors, healers of different modalities, people who love to organize people who love to build things, people who find ways of raising dogs and kids and, you know, it really doesn't matter exactly what it is. It's all about finding our joy, and finding a way to make life work.

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Alison Perry-Davies (Ali) is intentional about Finding Joy in her life

Sustaining a brain injury, diagnosed with PTSD and a raising a daughter with a variety of challenges, Ali decided there had to be more to life than what she was experiencing and began her journey to find more joy.

Ali’s belief is that wherever we come from, we have all known some level of pain, loss and trauma, these things do not need to define us. She doesn’t ignore that these things have happened; however, she decided this is not the way her story ends. Using integrated creative therapies along with sound and vibrational therapies she continues to explore and share complimentary healing modalities.

Ali hosts the podcast, Find Your Joy. She is also a co-author in 2 WOW (Woman Of Worth) Books as well as a Family Tree series book on Mother Son relationships. She went on to write her own book,
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A motivational speaker, singer/songwriter, poet, blogger and author, Ali also shares her thoughts and ideas through her blog and website at aliwayart.com

Ali continues to use humour and compassion to invite, inspire and encourage others to Find Their Joy.